Dreams: where Icaraizinho and Jericoacoara meet

"Dreams" is a windsurfing and kiteboarding movie featuring Icaraizinho and Jericoacoara, with exclusive scenes of Andre Paskowski from his last trip to Brazil.

Marc Morera, a Barcelona-based filmmaker, is the man behind "Dreams". An avid windsurfer and kiteboarder himself, Morera inherited the passion for watersports from his father.

"The first idea was to make it a 3D film, but after analyzing the technical challenges involved, the need for the viewers to use 3D goggles, and the potential loss of image quality, I opted for a traditional 2D film shot with Canon 7D and GoPro cameras," the movie director explains.

"This put me in technical environment where I have a lot of experience and feel comfortable to work, so I could put all my focus into capturing unique scenes that would portrait in a close and sincere way the beauty and power of Icaraizinho and Jericoacoara."

"Dreams" includes a special participation. The late Andre Paskowski loved Brazil and spent many winter seasons in the country. That is why the iconic windsurfer produced some special effects for the flick.

"We have decided to dedicate this film to him; for all that he did in raising the quality of windsurfing movies, and because he was so attached to Icaraizinho and Jeri, his temporary home every winter, where he had many friends, and for all the collaboration and good times we had with him, which we truly miss," concludes Marc Morera.

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