WindPush: find wind when it blows

WindPush is a smartphone app that alerts you whenever the wind you're longing for is forecasted.

Daniel Hjertholm and Daniel Wold are two passionate windsurfers from Norway. Not knowing when and where the wind was blowing was a problem both shared for a long time.

"The idea for WindPush has been on our minds for a while. We've both spent hundreds of hours browsing through different wind sites and forecasts in desperate search for the perfect wind", explain Hjertholm and Wold.

"You basically type in the wind conditions you need at your preferred spot and wait for the wind to come. Next time you hear the WindPush alert sound from your pocket you know you're about to get some fun time on the water."

The app - to be launched on the 20th October - can be useful to windsurfers, kitesurfers, and wave riders in general. It covers 10 million spots worldwide. WindPush is currently only available on iOS.

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