UKWA: an association for all windsurfing classes | Photo: UKWA

Jim Crossley, Max Rowe, Emma Wilson, Ben Proffit and James Dinsmore are nominated for "Windsurfer of the Year" 2014 by the United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA).

Five above-the-average performers are ready to be UKWA's "Windsurfer of the Year" 2014. The sailors have been considered the best in five divisions: Wave, Slalom, Speed, Freestyle and Racing.

Windsurfing fans can vote until 30th December, 2014, on the UKWA official website. The winner will be announced in the first week of January 2015. Let's take a look at who's who:

Jim Crossley (Speed Windsurfing)
He loves details and fine-tuning his equipment to ensure he is getting the maximum speed from every run. Jim won the Southend Speed Weekend with an incredible 44.29 knots over 500 meters - the fastest of the year and second fastest of all time by a British man on British waters.

Max Rowe (Freestyle Windsurfing)
Max finished 14th place overall in the 2014 PWA World Tour, with a 9th place in Sylt. He is an experienced trickster, and also part of Fanatic North's Freestyle R&D Team, where he tests and develops new products for future generations.

Emma Wilson (Race Windsurfing)
She is a talent in all course racing conditions, be it in high or low winds. Emma is following the sporting career of her parents and won the Under-17 and Under-19 titles in the RS:X Youth World Championships.

Ben Proffit (Wave Windsurfing)
He is one of the most charismatic windsurfers in the UK. In 2014, Ben finished 5th place in the PWA Wave Indoor Poland, first in the Slalom division, and second in the British Wavesailing Association Tour overall.

James Dinsmore (Slalom Windsurfing)
In 2014, James won the British Slalom Association title for the second consecutive year. The windsurfer is often seen sharing his knowledge with others between races, encouraging them to echo his achievements.

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