2015 Lancelin Ocean Classic: 25 kilometers in less than 30 minutes | Photo: John Carter

Steve Allen has won the 2015 Lancelin Ocean Classic. The Australian windsurfer conquered his third consecutive title at the world's longest windsurfing race.

A total of 220 windsurfers participated in the 25 kilometers downwind challenge. The event founded in 1986 has, meanwhile expanded to include kiteboarding, stand up paddleboarding and jet-ski competitions.

Allen crossed the finish line in first place after sailing for 28 minutes and 17 seconds. He improved his personal best by one minute and 42 seconds.

"For a really fast run, conditions were perfect. I'm happy to win, but I think I could have finished a little bit quicker, but my uni broke on the second reach and I had to nurse it for the whole the race," explained Steve Allen.

"I had a very average start, maybe seventh or worse but quickly I was just passing them one by one. Patrick is a very fast sailor, and while my start was bad, luckily his was a bit worse!"

Patrick Diethelm finished runner-up (28:47), and West Australian Rowen Law took third (28:55). The first female windsurfer to finish the 2015 Lancelin Ocean Classic was Karin Jaggi (32:57).

The 25-kilometer Ledge Point to Lancelin windsurfing marathon was run in 15-knot winds and gusts of 20 knots.

The push through, or punch through technique allows surfers to get past a small broken wave and reach the lineup without having to duck dive or turtle roll.

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