Jaws: windsurfers take over | Photo: JP

Jaws is one of the most dangerous big wave spots in the world. The iconic Peahi surf break is usually controlled by a committed crew of surfers but, in January 2015, a handful of windsurfers stormed the liquid giants.

You've got to be one of the most experienced wave windsurfers in the world to accept the Jaws challenge. This wave will not wait for you; these moving mountains will not spare your bones and gear.

Sails are not a dominating force in the Jaws line-up, but things are slowly changing. The first big swell of the year brought fresh new moves and attitudes to the Hawaiian arena. Riders in shortboards were impressed.

You know these watermen: Levi Siver, Kai Lenny, Marcillio Browne, Morgan Noireaux, Jason Polakow, Robby Swift and Robby Naish stormed Jaws with a broad range of carves, airs and horizontal bottom turns.

By the way: love wipeouts in big waves? Watch how unforgiving walls of whitewater smash some windsurfing kits. Simply amazing.

When you reach the "End of the Road," you're all by yourself. Are you sure you're ready to get barreled at Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo?

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