Lehar Jürimäe: too colorful for Point-7 | Photo: Eesti Purjelaualiit

Lehar Jürimäe has taken out the Estonian Winter Windsurfing Championships 2015.

The windsurfer was crowned the best sailor in the three-stage series, which included events in Slalom, Course Race and Speed challenges.

The circuit was held on Lake Harku (Slalom), and on Lake Võrtsjärv (Course Race and Speed), in sub-zero air temperatures and frozen waters. A total of 18 participants competed in the series.

Jürimäe finished runner-up in Slalom and Course Racing and managed to win the Speed sailing contest. Lehar trained with Finnish riders, and the results are absolutely clear.

The overall silver medal went to the experienced Kalev Allikveer while Kristjan Rotenberg secured the bronze trophy. The best youngster was Alfred Kalm.

Estonian Winter Windsurfing Championships 2015 | Top 10

1. Lehar Jürimäe
2. Kalev Allikveer
3. Kristjan Rotenberg
4. Raivo Saarm
5. Peep Tomingas
6. Ragnar Kõiv
7. Aivo Allikof
8. Rein Raud
9. Boris Ljubtšenko
10. Tõnis Salong