European Freestyle Pro Tour: alive and kicking | Photo: Alexis Fernet/EFPT

The 2015 European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) will be contested in six different stages. The kick off is scheduled to April 31st, in Podersdorf, Austria, with a confirmed night tow-in session.

Greek windsurfing fans have reasons to celebrate. The EFPT will return to their country with the Milos Beach Freestyle Open, in Lefkada, an event with a 5,000 euros in prize money.

The freestyle windsurfers will then travel to the beautiful island of Lanzarote for a second consecutive battle of tricks in Costa Teguise. Up next is the Martini EFPT Croatia, a contest run in conjunction with Surf Perna, on the Pelješac peninsula, in Southern Croatia.

The last two events of the season will be run in Brouwersdam (Netherlands), and at Six Fours Les Plages (France), where champions will be crowned.

Steven van Broeckhoven is the 2014 European Freestyle Pro Tour defending champion. Who's ready to beat the Belgium wizard?

2015 European Freestyle Pro Tour | Schedule

Chiemsee Tow-In Championship | Podersdorf, Austria | 10th April - 3rd May
Milos Beach Lefkada Freestyle Open | Lefkada, Greece | 29th May - 1st June
EFPT Lanzarote | Costa Teguise, Spain | 8th-12th July
Martini EFPT Croatia | Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia | 7th-10th August
EFPT Brouwersdam | Netherlands | 7th-12th October
European Freestyle Expression | Six Fours Les Plages, France | 29th October - 1st November

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