Raiatea: windsurfers will re-unite the island with Tahaa | Photo: Alessandro Caproni/Creative Commons

The founder of Défi Wind is taking the windsurfing marathon to French Polynesia. The inaugural Défi Wind Tahiti will run between July 17th-21st, in the Society Islands.

Up to 100 windsurfers will travel to Raiatea - a big island located 210 kilometers away from Tahiti and widely regarded as the center of the eastern islands in ancient Polynesia - for a windsurfing adventure.

"A Polynesian legend says that Raiatea and Tahaa formed one and only island back in ages, before some Giants collapsed the island with an angry gesture, following a sad heartbreak. Raiatea, also known as 'Hawaiki,' was the first island inhabited by the Polynesians," underlines Philippe Bru, founder of Défi Wind.

"The final goal is to find a new perfect course to make a splendid race on the water, in the same way that you could look for a treasure, as a new challenge for windsurfers from all over the world."

Windsurfers will compete in a 100-kilometer race around both islands, just like in an ancestral procession to re-unite the archipelago. May the Polynesian Gods be with the fleet.

In 2005, Pepsi defied the surfing community by releasing a commercial in which famous soccer stars break the surfers-only beach rule implemented by a group of local wave riders.

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