2015 Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour: going for broke at Naxos | Photo: GFWT

Papagiannopoulos Pantelis has been crowned winner of the 2015 Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour (GFWT).

After the first stop in Drepano, Achaea, the GFWT traveled to Naxos for the Naxian Freestyle Contest V.2, an unbeatable two-day contest of flips and stunts from some of the country's top freestyle windsurfers.

The finals took place in Laguna, at Agios Georgios Beach, Naxos, a spot known for its shallow and calm waters, which make it one of the friendliest spots in Greece for those interested in learning the sport.

"Regarding competition, the event marks a milestone in the history of Greek freestyle windsurfing. Each year, for the past eight years, the awards podium had the same top three athletes. This time, the challenging stakes were raised with the participation of Foivos Tsoupras," explains Nikos Athanasiou, event spokesman and competitor.

"Tsoupras, who has come in third in an highly-competitive German championship, traveled from Germany to compete here. His performance won him a well-deserved first place. The event also saw several first-time young athletes."

Naxos, the largest of the Cycladic islands, is a popular destination for windsurfers. The last event of the 2015 Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour had winds of more than 35 knots.

2015 Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour | Top 10

1. Papagiannopoulos Pantelis
2. Prapas Alexander
3. Politis Pericles, Zarkadoulas Elias
5. Promponas Stamatis
6. Tsoupras Foivos
7. Koutsoubas George, Mitroulias Dimitris, Niforas Marios
10. Neubauer Lennart, Malliopoulos Dimitris

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