RS:X Convertible: the new hydrofoil line by NeilPryde | Photo: Felipe Lewis/NeilPryde

It's been confirmed. NeilPryde will launch its own hydrofoil windsurfing line.

Meet the RS:X Convertible, the new windsurf board, sail and foil developed by NeilPryde to attack the 2024 Olympic Games.

The windsurfing brand introduced the new equipment at the latest RS:X Class AGM in Eilat, Israel. The water test was run in winds of 10-to-15 knots, and the maximum speed recorded was of 25 knots.

The new RS:X Convertible board weighs six kilograms, offers 120 liters of volume and measures 225 x 75 centimeters. It also showcases a prepreg carbon foil, and a double profile four cambers 7.8 sail. The 100 percent carbon mast and 100 percent carbon boom with integrated trimming system complete the kit.

The RS:X Convertible by NeilPryde will be marketed from 2017, but there will be demonstration races during the 2016 RS:X Youth World Championships in Limassol, Cyprus, from November 19th-26th.

According to the RS:X Class, the futuristic windsurf kit will be an option for the 2024 Olympic Games.

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