Philip Soltysiak: a Canadian champion at the 2016 US Windsurfing Nationals

Philip Soltysiak has taken out the Slalom division at the 2016 US Windsurfing Nationals, held at Corpus Christi, Texas.

He is Canadian, and he beat an international fleet. The sailor from Toronto celebrated his 20th anniversary in windsurfing with a particularly tasty win in foreign waters.

The wind conditions were never perfect, but the 2016 US Windsurfing Nationals found new champions across the Kona, Formula, Long Distance, and Slalom divisions.

"I normally train for the freestyle discipline and compete in on the world tour, so competing in racing is something I only do occasionally and have little practice," explained Philip Soltysiak.

The Canadian went into the event hoping to make it on the podium in Slalom. He won the first elimination and took fourth in the second elimination. Unfortunately, the wind didn't return, and Soltysiak won the competition.

"I surprised myself and others by winning and beating racers who train in this discipline year round. I will stay on the west coast of the US to train and do a few national level competitions before flying to Spain in July to compete on the world tour in freestyle once again."

2016 US Windsurfing Nationals | Results

1. Philip Soltysiak
2. Tyson Poor
3. Xavier Ferlet
4. Enes Yilmazer
5. Wyatt Miller

1. Margot Samson
2. Barbara Belt
3. Charlotte Samson
4. Jerome Samson
5. Karen Marriott

1. Myles Borash
2. Patrick Koch

1. Xavier Ferlet
2. Ron Kern
3. Justin Ahearn
4. Guy Miller
5. Chip Ducrest

Long Distance
1. Enes Yilmazer
2. Xavier Ferlet
3. Olivier Jallais
4. Martin Plissonneau
5. Philip Soltysiak

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