Raphael Filippi, Régis Bouron, and Matthieu Vinceneux: the tridem windsurfers

In 2015, they were a duo. But they returned in 2016 with a new member. Meet Raphael Filippi, Régis Bouron, and Matthieu Vinceneux. Nowadays, they're the most famous tridem windsurfing team, and they are ready to break all records.

"We're aiming at the speed sailing world record: 70 knots over a 500-meter course. We want to beat the Vestas SailRocket 2 and its 65,45 knots," jokes Raphael Filippi.

They've studied Physics and came up with a winning formula: if each one of them hits the 23 knots barrier, then the sum of all is, at least, enough to break the boat's record.

The tridem windsurfing team: ready to break the speed sailing world record | Photo: Horue Movie

"Part of our preparation for the Défi Wind is dedicated to synchronized swimming sessions in order to reproduce the same movements on the water. The goal will be not to fall in the first jibe with 200 guys around," adds Régis.

The Défi Wind didn't have the perfect wind conditions, but they will certainly return in 2017. Will it be in quad mode? Whatever it happens, everybody wants them racing against Antoine Albeau and friends.

Raphael, Régis, and Matthieu were not the first to transform windsurfing in a team sport. Remember the nine windsurfers on a Coca-Cola sponsored board?

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