Adam Lewis: winner of the Siam Park Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge 2016 | Photo: Carter/PWA

British windsurfer Adam Lewis has flown higher to claim the Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge 2016, held at Siam Park, in Tenerife.

Once again, the artificial surf pool welcomed ten of the world's best wave windsurfing specialists for a brilliant showdown. The rules are simple: jump high and perform the most radical maneuvers.

Competitors had two runs to prove to the judges and spectators that they deserved to raise the trophy, but only four windsurfers got the ticket to the final: Adam Lewis, Antoine Martin, Dieter Van der Eyken, and Ricardo Campello.

They did it all - push loop shakas, radical shifties, double push loops, and paskos. The audience also saw a few spectacular and dazzling wipeouts, but crashes are part of this game.

Martin earned a Perfect 10 for a dramatic one-handed push loop, Lewis landed a sensational double air move, and the tie meant they had to discuss the title in a super final.

Each windsurfer had three opportunities to impress the judging panel, and the best jump would win it all. Despite Martin's efforts, Adam Lewis pulled an imposing shifty/double push loop and won the event.

"I'm so stoked to win the Siam Park Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge! What an awesome event. It was so much fun! Well done to Antoine, Dieter, and Ricardo for an awesome show," expressed Adam Lewis.

Siam Park Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge 2016 | Final

1. Adam Lewis (Fanatic/NorthSails/SWOX)
2. Antoine Martin (JP/NeilPryde/MFC)
3. Dieter Van der Eyken (Starboard/Severne)
4. Ricardo Campello (Patrik/Point-7/MFC)

Whether you think of a kite as a wing or a sail, you want it to be lightweight, resistant, waterproof, but also stiff and flexible at the same time, so that they could respond to all flight requests.

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