Marcilio Browne: throwing spray in Maui | Photo: Carter/PWA

What do a two-time world windsurfing champion and a Hawaiian big wave windsurfer have in common? Apparently everything.

"Dis.Traction" is a 30-minute video-on-demand adventure into the giant mountains of water they both ride and share on the island of Maui.

The action-packed documentary features Marcilio Browne and Morgan Noireaux descending the 40-foot waves of Jaws/Peahi, as they prepare for another intense wave sailing season on the PWA World Tour scene.

The movie was produced by Olaf Crato, and all camera angles seem to fit the riders perfectly. Although "Dis.Traction" focus on the Brazilian's performance, Noireaux's parts won't let you down.

The windsurfing movie includes competitive moments shot during the Aloha Classic 2016 and rides filmed in Gran Canaria. Expect drone perspectives, wipeouts, and high-performance maneuvers.

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