Louis Giard: the new star of French RS:X | Photo: Hajduk/RSX

Louis Giard and Zofia Noceti-Klepacka have been crowned the 2017 RS:X European Windsurfing champions, in Marseille, France.

The event attracted 265 senior and youth sailors, and the final day of races saw the new competition format take over - 12 windsurfers in the quarters, six riders in the semis, and three windsurfers in the final.

In the Senior Women's division, the ultimate six-minute race put Klepacka against Stefania Elfutina and Hei Man Chan.

"I'm so happy. It was a tough fight this week, and I'm so happy to win. This medal is for my children!" said Klepacka.

On the Men's side, drama unfolded. The finalists made different sailing decisions, but it was Giard who was destined to celebrate a tasty win in home waters.

"I am very happy to prevail in this particular race format, and for all the work done on this last day of racing. It was a good mental and physical battle to win my first international title!" added Louis Giard.

The 2017 RS:X Youth European titles went to Luca di Tomassi and Yarden Isaak.

2017 RS:X European and Youth European Championships | Top 3

Senior Men
1. Louis Giard (FRA)
2. Byron Kokkalanis (GRE)
3. Mattia Camboni (IA)

Senior Women
1. Zofia Noceti-Klepacka (POL)
2. Stefania Elfutina (RUS)
3. Hei Man Chan (HKG)

Youth Boys
1. Luca di Tomassi (ITA)
2. Baptiste Grall (FRA)
3. Yoav Cohen (ISR)

Youth Girls
1. Yarden Isaak (ISR)
2. Alessandra Papitto (ITA)
3. Emma Le Clech (FRA)

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