Morgan Noireaux: eyeing a landing site in Punta San Carlos | Photo: Crowther/IWT

Morgan Noireaux has taken out the 2017 Baja Desert Showdown, Punta San Carlos, in Mexico.

The fourth stop on the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) had a wide variety of favorable wind and wave conditions and attracted sailors from 14 nations.

The 30-minute finals got underway in calmer seas, and with less consistent set waves. In the women's division, Annamaria Zollet found and rode the biggest waves and stole the show.

The men's final saw Boujmaa Guilloul opening his account with a perfectly timed top turn followed with a powerful backside hack on the lip of the wave.

Kevin Pritchard tried to keep his momentum going with competent carves and turns, long rides and set wave rides. Joey Sanchez landed a clean air on the inside, but Morgan Noireaux's taka strategy proved to be too strong.

With this result in Baja, and with three stages to go, Noireux jumps to first place in the IWT rankings. The wave sailing armada will continue the South American leg in Peru and Chile.

2017 Baja Desert Showdown | Finals

1. Morgan Noireaux
2. Kevin Pritchard
3. Boujmaa Guilloul
4. Joey Sanchez

1. Annamaria Zollet
2. Arrianne Aukes
3. Sarah Hauser

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