Adam Lewis: the winner of the 2017 Tiree Wave Classic | Photo: TWC

Adam Lewis conquered the 2017 Tiree Wave Classic, in Balephuil Bay, Scotland.

The wave sailing contest is all about earning the right to raise the legendary Tiree Sword, a symbol of might, perseverance, and resistance. And this year, all windsurfers were greeted by epic wind and wave conditions sponsored by Hurricane Ophelia.

"I think it probably comes down to the last waves. Ben did a 360 on his last wave, and then he did some stuff after in the whitewash, so I don't know," said Lewis just before the announcement of the winner.

The 2017 Tiree Wave Classic has once again attracted Britain's best windsurfers, and the four-man final was a really close affair, with Marc Pare Rico, Lewis, Ben Proffitt, and Julien Taboulet.

"I don't know what to say. It's amazing. Marc was ripping, so I was pretty lucky," added Lewis after being crowned this year's champion.

Sarah Hilder (Women), Ruaraidh Somerville (Junior & Youth), Lucas Meldrum (Amateur) and Kyle McGinn (Masters) also won their respective divisions.

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