Christofer Kalk

Estonian Windsurfing Championships first series in Freestyle and Pro Kids Qualifications for World championships were held yesterday in Topu, West Estonia.

The weather was nice, sun was shining and wind was getting stronger. The main question for everybody was: can Christofer deliver again. Christofer Kalk, Estonian young gun is the one who owns the 2008 World champion title in U17. There is more than just this guy in Estonia who can freestyle with style.

The first two elimination rounds were 100% owned by Christofer, no mistakes were made there. But when it come down to the super session the heat was on. Super session: everybody on the sea, showing off the best tricks they got.

Five best ones were counted and all the buckets were dismissed, this round was equal with one of the elimination rounds.

Here the winner was Robert Koppel with the best trick Voquech, Tony Mõttus took the second place with fantastic E-slider and the young 2008 Freestyle World champ Christofer Kalk was third with not so great double spock.

Due to the first two winnings and the fact that the second and third places varied in elimination rounds between Tony and Robert, it became impossible for these guys to catch Chris with their successful super session round.

So Christofer Kalk is the one that will come from Estonia to compeat in Pro Kids Championship to secure his last years title. Watch out!

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