Antoine Martin: getting vertical in Baja | Photo: IWT

Antoine Martin has taken out the 2018 Baja Desert Showdown, in Mexico.

The third stop on the International Windsurfing Tour saw the sailor from Guadeloupe consolidating his first place in the rankings.

Despite the tricky and varying weather and ocean played conditions, the organization found a precious window to run the pro men's final.

The decisive heat got underway, and it was a close affair. Runner-up, third, and fourth ended up separated by a couple of points.

Federico Morisio was ecstatic to know that he had edged out two top stars of the sport, and it was thoroughly deserved. The Italian displayed beautiful hard-carving top turns and smoothly linked aerial moves.

But Martin was undoubtedly the best athlete in the event. He not only scored the best waves, but he also managed to land flakas, rail grab airs, and goiters, fully planing, on a single wave.

Maria Andres (Women), Atsuki Ikoma (Youth), Tom Ben-Eliyahu (Amateurs), Simeon Glasson (Masters), and Andrew Cunningham (Grand Masters) also won their respective divisions.

The 2018 International Windsurfing Tour reached the halfway mark in the season. There are three more events to go: Pacasmayo, Matanzas, and Maui.

2018 Baja Desert Showdown | Pro Men's Final

1. Antoine Martin (FRA)
2. Federico Morisio (ITA)
3. Morgan Noireaux (HAW)
4. Boujmaa Guilloul (MOR)

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