The static turn: spin the windsurf board around 180 degrees in a tight space | Photo: Shutterstock

The static turn is one of the most helpful beginner windsurfing techniques.

Many times, and mostly when you're learning the basics of windsurfing, you will need to drive the board toward a specific area or place.

Performing the static turn will help you point the nose of the board in any direction without having actually to sail the equipment across the water.

Basically, the windsurfer tilts the rig to make the board spin 180 degrees under your feet. The technique allows you to, for instance, go back to where you left the beach.

Here's how to perform a quick static turn in windsurfing:

1. Get into the classic secure, or neutral position with your back to the wind;
2. Lean the rig toward the back of the board;
3. The windsurf board will start to turn into the wind;
4. To stay in place, take a few small steps around the mast foot and maintain your back to the wind;
5. Keep the sail inclined, and move across the board keeping your arms extended;
6. Once the board turns completely, resume the secure position;
7. Look up and sail away;

Remember that tipping the rig back will steer you toward the direction the wind is blowing. If you tilt the rig forward, you will steer downwind.

The further you push the rig, the faster the board will turn around. However, the faster you tilt the sail, the more chances of falling off the board.

Once you feel comfortable with the static turn technique, you may get into tacking.

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