Fourth consecutive win for Steven van Broeckhoven in the 2009 EFPT Alacati

There was not enough wind on the third day of the Alacati King of the Bay to run another race. With two double eliminations completed we have a great result and Steven van Broeckhoven (F2) is winning the fourth event in a row.

After the party at Sole Mar on friday night everybody was happy that skippers meeting was set for 11.30h. The wind did not pick up more than 7 knots, so a super session was sheduled for the afternoon, but also that could not be run due to insufficient wind. The riders were chilling at the ASPC surfcenter and got prepared then for the big party at the Shaka surf bar.

Around 23.00h the party got underway with the RedBull Hummer and DJ pumping the beats all over place. Everybody was in perfect mood after 2 days of good sailing conditions and ready to go full power. At 01.00h the event prize giving got started.

All riders were called on stage and got awarded with medallions and trophies for the top3, Nico Akgazciyan (Starboard/Gun), Andre Paskowski (Fanatic/North) and Steven van Broeckhoven (F2). One more time it was Steven on top with another victory and strengthening his current lead in the European Freestyle ranking.

After showering the party guests with champagne all the EFPT family was rocking the place till the morning light. Sassa Teixeiras (RRD/RRD) was celebrating his 20th birthday and Chico Bento (Fanatic/North) gave a show of his Capoeira skills on the dancefloor.

A perfect event here at the ASPC windsurf center in Alacati with 2 days of finest freestyle action on the water and 2 great parties. The tour takes a break now and will be back in September with the Torro d'Andaluz in Tarifa.

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