Rob Kent, Marc Carney, Mark Kay and Dave Hackford will teach windsurfing techniques

The UK Raceboard Class Steering group has organised a series of regional race training days for anyone interested in longboard racing.  Whether you are already an aspiring Olympian in T-15 or Techno, or even just thinking about starting competition racing these sessions will truly improve your windsurfing.

The current leading four National Raceboard sailors are each giving up one afternoon to give away some of their secrets : Rob Kent, Marc Carney, Mark Kay and Dave Hackford have between them a string of National, World titles and Olympic competition. Each of them has training skills that will address many aspects of improving competition sailing.

Newcomers are welcome to each of the venues, and each host centre already sustains a healthy longboard scene. 

Each of the racing stars will have a their own presentation, but the main areas that will be covered are:

Tuning your equipment. Don’t underestimate what minor adjustments can make to performance. For example:  Mast track position, downhaul, footstrap positioning, fin size, daggerboard rake, the list goes on..
Sailing Technique: Stance plays a key role in the trim of your board and rig.  Get this right and you could be pointing 5 degrees higher, or sailing 5 knots faster.
Tactics: Quite simply – a sailor at beginner or intermediate standard will rise up the fleet quicker by improving their tactics.  Start line tactics, mark rounding, and watching the wind will be some of the key points covered.

Each event coincides with the evening race series – so after the training you can enter the regional race competition.

The clinics are being run free of charge, but at certain locations you may have launch fees to consider.

So if you want to improve your sailing in just two hours and join a growing scene of racing in ALL conditions – please come and join in


South West:

Wednesday 5th August – Exmouth, Devon   START 5.15pm   Race at 7.30pm

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