2009 Speed World Championship

For the fourth time in a row, the small village Afiartis on the idyllic island of Karpathos is preparing to play host for the world‘s fastest men and women in the speed windsurfing scene.

From July 31st till August 5th all the big names of the sport will compete for points counting towards the 2009 Speed World Tour and, even more important, battle for the one-off Speed Windsurfing World Championship Titles !

In the men’s fleet, all eyes are set to the reigning world champion and 500m world record holder Antoine Albeau from France, who clearly dominated last season.

His strongest opponent is expected to be again European Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck, living windsurfing legend. He won the 2008 Karpathos Event in the very last heat against Antoine Albeau to become European Champion. But also current tour leader Anders Bringal as well as the 2008 Overall World Cup Winner Cyril Moussilmani are expected to dispute the places on the podium.

Some more world class windsurfers from other disciplines are joining the speed tour this year, like local and Greek record holder Philip Adamidis, and legendary Chris Lockwood from Australia.

Also the women’s fleet is very strong for this major event of the 2009 season, including 2008 world champion and current tour leader Valerie Ghibaudo as well as second ranked Zara Davis.

After the excellent experiences from the past years, Karpathos is expected to show exceptional conditions again. The spot named “Devils Bay” is well known for crazy conditions up to 10 Beaufort side-offshore.

The 2009 Speed:World:Cup is sanctioned by ISWC (International Speed Windsurfing Class) on behalf of ISAF (International Sailing Federation). The local organization will be done by the Municipality of Karpathos.

Pre-entry list:

Alberto Possati
Anders Bringdal
Andrea Baldini
Andrej Kocjan
Anja Kruse
Antoine Albeau
Anton Geesink
Armin Hoefer
Ben van der Steen
Beppe Fortunato
Birgit Hoefer
Bjorn Dunkerbeck
Cedric Bordes
Chris Lockwood
Christian Bornemann
Christophe Fiorentini
Christophe Richaud
Cyril Moussilmani
Daniel Borgelind
Dieter Gerichhausen
Dirk Jan Knol
Drakopoulos Panagiotis
Erik Beale
Erik Larsson
Finian Maynard
Francesko D'Urso
Hans Kreisel
Jaques van der Hout
John Benamati
Jurjen van der Nord
Magnus Bengtsson
Manfred Fuchs
Marcus Kortas
Marcus Richardsson
Marie‐Paule Geldorf
Marion Raisi
Markus Emanuelsson
Martin Kovac
Martyn Ogier
Morten Knutsen
Nick Vardalachos
Nikoletta Margoni
Orlando Lavandera
Pascal Toselli
Patrick van Hoof
Patrik Diethelm
Pete Davis
Peter Volwater
Philip Adamidis
Robert Sturm
Thomopoulos Konstantinos
Thorsten Luig
Tim Otte
Tobias Hed
Torsten Mallon
Valerie Ghibaudo
Wilfried Vanherweghe
Zara Davis