Finian Maynard

After six rounds of spectacular speed sailing Finian Maynard (BVI) is still leading the 2009 ISWC Speed Windsurfing World Championship. He is now three points ahead of Antoine Albeau (FRA) in second, with Anders Bringdal (SWE) in third, but already clear below. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Starboard, Severne) and Hans Kreisel (NED) complete the Top 5.

Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) has won all heats of the womens competition and is ahead of  Marion Raisi (FRA) and Marie-Paule Geldhof (BEL).

Tomorrows racing should allow for the second discard, which could mix up the rankings.

The actual results can be found here for download: Results after day 3

The day started with skippersmeeting at 10:00 and competition comenced at 11:00. Although the weather forecast was not promising, a complete round of silver and gold was completed before the lunch break. As the conditions became tricky at the end of the gold fleet heat, the AP was put up and the competitors put on a longer hold.

The gold fleet was release at 16:30, and at 17:00 the conditions improved enough for the silver fleet to start into the first half of the seventh round, which will be completed tomorrow with the gold fleet race.

The forecast for the remaining two days of competition are good, so lets hope for some more spectacular action.

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