Winners of the 2009 Baltic NeilPryde Cup

There was no doubt that Martin Ervin (EST-202) would win the overall NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2009, as he had won all 3 previous competitions earlier this season. The NPC 2009 final event started with lack of wind and ended with mixed weather conditions.

Friday was supposed to be the first race day, closed in the evening with no races held. There just wasn't enough wind to get the race started – even not for Raceboards.

On Saturday morning the weather was bit better but far from an ideal conditions for windsurfing. First start was cancelled due to turning and choppy wind. Luckily there was possibility to hold 2 races for Formulas and 2 for Raceboards before the rain ended the race day.

On Saturday both of Raceboard races was won by Juha Blinnikka (FIN-6) from Finland. Results from 2 Formula races left Martin Ervin (EST-202) and Toomas Mölder (EST-44) equal with 1 win and 1 second place in both's records.

The last day of the event did not do any better on weather side. One moment it was nice 5 m/s wind in the starting line and at the next it was not enough to fill the minimum requirements.

The sky was cloudy but for some time we got some sunshine, until the rain clouds appeared and the gusty wind started to blow. It stopped soon and dropped to below minimum. Because of the tricky wind Raceboards were able to get 3 and Formulas just 1 race.

The results for the NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2009 final event and the overall are:

28-30.08.2009 NPC Tallinn event winners are:
Formula Open fleet -  Martin Ervin (EST-202)
Formula Master - Martin Ervin (EST-202)
Formula Women - Maarja Niinemets (EST-84)
Formula Juniors -  Andrius Sliuburys (LTU-153)
Formula Youth -  Rihards Akmentins (LAT-30)
Raceboard -  Juha Blinnikka (FIN-6)
Raceboard womens -  Ilona Grinberga (LAT-18)
Techno 293  U17 - Peeter Kask (EST-152)
Techno 293  U15 - Karl Erik Saarm (EST-229)

NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2009 Overall winners are:
Formula Open fleet - Martin Ervin (EST-202)
Formula Master - Martin Ervin (EST-202)
Formula Women - Maarja Niinemets (EST-84)
Formula Juniors -  Andrius Sliuburys (LTU-153)
Formula Youth -  John Kaju (EST-24)

In this weekends competition there were no match against 2009 Formula Masters World Champion Martin Ervin (EST-202). The Open fleet first three places were owned by Masters.

First place went to Martin Ervin, 2nd place went to Toomas Mölder (EST-44) and 3rd was Ansis Dale (LAT-13), who has won this competition in the past for three times.

This was no surprise that Martin took also the overall first place in NPC series as he has won all 2009 NPC competitions. The second place was again to Toomas Mölder (EST-44).

The third place went to last three consecutive year's NPC winner Janis Preiss (LAT-23), who entered the competition on the second day. He got lucky as the first day was lacking wind he was not punished with (DNS) points.

NeilPryde Baltic Cup final competition was difficult as constantly changing weather conditions tested participants for variable skills.

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