Aviemore Challenge Trophy

The first Aviemore Challenge Trophy event held at Lake Aviemore, South Island from 1-3 Jan 2010 was dubbed a great event by all those who took part as well as the organisers and their team.

In all 19 windsurfers entered, slightly less than expected, but for a first event all were happy. Everyone took home a cool tee shirt as well as a dental pack, there were trophies to keep for each of the main classes, a very special silver plate as the main Challenge Trophy and lots of spot prizes too.

The social side of the event which is primarily organised around a lovely traditional camping/sailing spot was helped by sponsorship beer which added that special bonus to 'after sailing' stories.

First day of the event ended up with a freesailing session at Lake Benmore as the winds at Aviemore were unfavourable and rather nuclear. Many of us who have sailed there for 10 + years have never seen quite so much white foam on Aviemore (around the country gusts of 100+ were recorded that day). So it had been a good call to go elsewhere for a play.

The second day saw the sailors doing the planned long distance race in a good Southerly (20+), over to the other side and back twice. Approx 12 kms.

On Day 3 we were met with less favourable North West winds again, but a vote was taken and we decided to race. Two races were held of a single crossing to the other side. The winds were rather erratic and the planned cross winder turned into an upwinder and then a scary screaming downwind run, but hey, the conditions were the same for everyone.

Highlights of the event included having so many first time racers in the silver fleet; relative newcomer to racing Nathan Taylor nearly beating the favourite Gareth Woods in one race on Day 3; and of course the beers and the end of event BBQ and party.

Challenge Trophy/ Open Mens; 1. Gareth Woods. 2. Paul Vilestra. 3.Nathan Taylor.
Open Womens; 1. Lucy Waters. 2. Sue Bradley. 3. Annie Crombie.
Masters. 1. Simon Hall. 2. John Holgate. 3. Graham Evans.
Silver fleet. 1. Jodi Taylor. 2. Tom Cowan. 3. Louisa Andrews.