Fuerteventura Wave Classic: wind and waves are pumping

Today was the first day of official competition for the Fuerte Wave Classic!

The wind and waves finally came today in the North Shore of Fuerteventura. All the riders were ready to go sailing at 10:00 on the spot today. At first the wind was a bit shy, but it quickly came in and the organization saw the opportunity to run the first heats.

During the whole day the wind was quite off-shore, blowing from 13 to 20 knots, with good sets of 2m waves. The riders prepared their bigger board and sails from 4.5 to 5.3m2 for the heaviest, and they were all good powered during their heats.

There were only few guys and girls on the water at the same time, and this was great for our riders that could take full advantage of the spot. The heat duration was 25 minutes to give everybody enough time to express their talents, and 2 surfs were taken in account into the judging process.

Heat 1 was judged by heat 3, heat 2 by heat 4 and so on, so that the notation relies only on every rider's point of view, based on the general impression they got on every surf. The only rule is the following : you cannot judge one of your team-mate!

On the water, the girls were really good, and they impressed more than one guy! Nayra finished 3rd in her heat, beating one guy, Nicole took some of the best waves of her heat and finished 3rd with as many points as the 2nd, and Iballa went 3rd ex aequo!

Jules, the french young talent, sailed very well during the contest by landed some big aerials and riding nice waves. Like usual, Thomas was very good in these light wind conditions, with his radical aerials, that lead him to win his heat.

We have seen also nice moves from Dario, Martin, Albert, Stephan, JB and Fabrice notably. Jonas always tried to push away the limits, and quite a few times the end was unlucky but still he was hardly looking to rock the waves!

Alex, or "Musso", showed up with some of his sick rollers, scoring to the maximum. To sum we had some great action in La Caleta today, and it was a good taste of what can North-Shore Fuerteventura can offer to waveriders.

The teams were all very close to the 1st place.

1) With 14,5 points, the leading team is formed with Iballa / Albert / Musso / Jules / Patrick.
2) With 14 points and coming to the 2nd place for the moment are Stephan / Martin / Nicole / Jonas / Eleazar.
3) The 3rd team who has 13 points is composed of Nayra / Fabrice / Ilya / Adam / Dario.
4) The last ones, a bit far away, haven't said their last word : Thomas / Corky / Antony / JB / Daida.

Source: Fuerteventura Wave Classic

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