Gorge River: always check wind conditions before your session

An experienced windsurfer died in the eastern Gorge, USA, after sailing with friends in 60 miles/hour winds.

Jeff Young, 48-year old Hood River resident, was windsurfing in the area of Arlington (3 Mile Canyon), when suddenly ten windsurfers discover his board and sail on shore.

The searches quickly begun and a US Coast Guard helicopter was called to help. Young was one of the strongest windsurfers of the Gorge region, but he wasn't wearing a helmet under those harsh meteo conditions.

The cause of death is still to be determined. When windsurfing in extreme conditions, please make sure to respect all safety procedures.

Take a look at the Modern Beaufort Wind Scale.

Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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