ECWF: just enjoy Heckscher State Park

The 3rd annual East Coast Windsurfing Festival is scheduled for June 12th and 13th 2010. Raffle prizes are arriving every day, so sign up and get your free raffle ticket to get in n the action. We have some really nice hand carved, wooden trophies this year too.

The ECWF is all about having fun. For this reason there will be no wind minimum for any of the events. As long as there is enough wind to move a windsurfer forward we’re competing.

It’s much more fun getting out there and doing something than sitting around waiting for wind. Since there is a potential for running races in light wind, bring everything. We could get 5 mph or we could get 35 mph. Whatever the wind does, we’ll be ready for it.

Checkin will start at 9:00 am on Saturday June 12th at the judges stand on the right hand side of the parking lot when you’re looking at the water. The first Races and freestyle heats are expected to run around noon on Saturday, so make sure you’re rigged, sails are numbered and you’re ready to race by noon.

Depending on the amount of people we get competing, we may keep the competition running into the evening. We need to get off enough rounds of racing and freestyle to pick a winner, so plan on spending lots of time on the water. We’ll continue with the same deal on Sunday.

When you’re not racing, feel free to go sail, but be aware that we might not have time to wait for you if you’re out on the water when your heat is supposed to start. Just check in with anyone at the judges stand to see what’s going on or if you have any questions.

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