Keith McCulloch: he will hit Hatteras like this

Hatteras Wave Jam 2010 is on and set to fire during the prime tropical season on the Outer Banks.

The Hatteras Windsurfing Festival Series will be held informally at chosen windsurfing locations along the Outer Banks.

Predominant wind directions are SW/NE; thus, sessions could be held on the east or south facing beaches from the Boiler on Pea Island to Ocracoke Island.

The event will continue the successful formula of the past two years featuring:

* Freeform Safari Sessions
* Wave Jam Clinic
* Beast of the East Wave FaceOff III Competition
* and... Wrap Cookout and Awards!

The fun is set to begin Sept 15 through Sept 18, 2010! Be sure to be here for this event!

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Portugal is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, food, historical monuments, nice weather, and friendly people. But the westernmost European country is also a popular wave riding destination.

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