2010 Nordic Formula Windsurfing Championship: in Norway, but without snow

Martin Ervin conquered the 2010 Nordic Formula Windsurfing Championship, held at Sola Beach, near Stavanger, in Norway.

Thirty six windsurfers from Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden competed in the event.

Light to medium winds heated up a very tight battle between Ervin and Wilhelm Schurmann for the first place.

In the end, the Estonian windsurfer won the title by one single point.

Final results:

1st Martin Ervin (Estonia)
2nd Wilhelm Schurmann (Brazil)
3rd Vincent Langer (Germany)
4th Sebastian Kornum (Denmark)
5th Nikolaj Kruppa (Denmark)
6th Kasper Juul Larsen (Denmark)
7th John Kaju (Estonia)
8th Anders Løken (Norway)
9th Christian Justesen (Denmark)
10th Magne F Frønsdal (Norway)

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