RS:X Class: training is the first step to victory

The RS:X class will be running 8 open training events between September 2010 and end March 2011. The training will be similar to the sessions run last year, there will be 4 sessions pre-Christmas and 4 post.

The main difference this time is that the Class will be hosting the Transitional Training Squad selection events; i.e. there will be no separate selection events as in the past, so if you want to be considered for the 2011 RS:X Transitional Squad the only way to qualify is to attend the three nominated selection events.

All of the 8 sessions will be open to all RS:X sailors, so everyone can attend all of the events if they wish.

Those sailors wishing to be part of the RS:X National Squad and all those sailors wishing to be part of the RS:X Transitional Training Squad must apply via the RYA in the normal way.

If you don’t make the squads, don’t despair, the point of the second 4 post-Christmas open training sessions is fundamentally to support those sailors who, for one reason or another, find themselves outside the Squad systems, whilst welcoming any Squad sailors who want to join in for extra training.

Dates & Venues:
11/12 September @ Rutland (none selector)
30/31 October @ Carsington Water (selector 1)
13/14 November @ Weymouth (selector 2)
4/5 December @ Weymouth (selector 3)

Four further sessions will be held between January & end March 2011, primarily for the none selected sailors but will be open to all.

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