Cold Hawaii Spot Guide: who said cold is a problem?

Two Danish surfers have developed the Cold Hawaii Surf Spot Guide targeted to new visitors wishing to find the right spot under the existing circumstances.

Klitmøller, located in Northern Denmark, is also known as Cold Hawaii because of its surf conditions and cold weather.

The Cold Hawaii Spot Guide will surprise some of the local surfers that might think they know every wave. Troels Bech Hansen and friends have unveiled a pair of new spots.

This guide also covers Mountain Bike tracks, upcoming events and everything a surfer, kitesurfer and windsurfer should know about riding waves in this Danish surf spot.

The guide is constructed with assistance from:

Thomas Eisum
Rasmus Fejerskov
Mads Karl
Nikolaj Jørgensen
Lars Petersen
Lars Kanstrup
Lars 47
Annette Qvistgaard
Kenneth Danielsen
Torben Bech Hansen
Mads Bjørnå

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Surfing is a beautiful outdoor activity, and an exciting water sport, but it also hides insincerity, falsity, and duplicity. Discover why we, as surfers, behave like hypocrites.

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