iDO in Italy: anyone can windsurf

This week, Santa Severa beach witnessed the annual Surf Expo, one of the most important events in surfing and windsurfing, and so a lot of youngsters and curious visitors came out to see what the excitement was all about.

Imagine seeing people of different ages and fitness, all participating and getting their first few meters of windsurfing, completely effortless.

Raimondo Gasperini initiated the iDO windsurfing day, sponsored by Coca Cola Zero and a freestyle show held by the freestyle dudes from the X-ray Talent Factory.

Starboard boards equipped with the revolutionary iDO system were made available to all participants, giving everyone the chance to go windsurfing.

"Judging from the many smiles we saw, a lot of new windsurfers were born today", said Raimondo. "We focused mainly on the younger boys and girls which was a great success".

A key factor of that success was the iDO, making it possible to navigate with very little effort, and simple instructions.

All youngsters received a beautiful certificate at the end of the day. Television stations were recording the event, participants were lining up to have another go on a board, and the audience enjoyed the different activities: surfing, SUP and windsurfing with the magic iDO.

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