'Will To Win': Neil Pryde knows how to conquer

40 years in the making - the story of how Neil Pryde Limited, founded in Hong Kong in 1970 by a New Zealander, went from making sails to blitzing fields in watersports and beyond. From Fanling to fantastic, this is a journey of design, innovation and determination in the sky and on water, snow and road.

Some say that if you weren't part of the NeilPryde team at some stage in your riding career, it probably wasn't that much of a career. OK maybe that's a bit harsh - but it is true that some of the biggest names in watersports, on and off the water, have been part of Neil Pryde Limited over the years. Read their stories, along with what went on behind the scenes to build "the number one brand on the water".

Everyone knows NeilPryde as the windsurfing brand. But not everyone is aware that, before that, Neil Pryde Limited was actually the largest maker of yacht sails in the world until the Oil Shocks put a big hole in demand. Read how windsurfing developed into a global phenomenon, about how Neil Pryde Limited got into paragliding, why exiting that business actually set them up to succeed in kitesurfing, about why you can never trust a ferret in a cage... and much more.

NeilPryde, Cabrinha, Flow, JP Australia... they're all here. The stories of the brands, and the people behind the brands.

One hell of a run - through changing times and changing sports. Three sets of business partners, speed records, near financial ruin, the decision to diversify, film shoots, Olympic triumph... and, to top it all off, some insights from Neil himself on where it all might lead.

Part business book, part corporate history, part celebration, part biography, part sports narrative. (If this book straddled any more categories, it could take a yoga class.) A vibrant mix of stories, images and take-outs. Much of it gleaned from one-on-one interviews with the people who were there. And featuring rarely seen and previously-unpublished photographs taken by some of the best watersports photographers.

Time for a sneak peek. You know, even by Neil Pryde Limited's high standards, we reckon this is a very nice piece of design. The production standards are exceptional, and the clear and easy to read text is packed with all the detail to give you the full story.

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