Children of the Wind: from Bonaire to the world

"Children of the Wind" is a documentary about young children from the island of Bonaire who journey from humble beginnings to international fame in the sport of windsurfing, transforming not only their island but the face of the sport worldwide.

Unlike most commercial windsurfing films that focus on action-intensive sequences, "Children of the Wind" is a character driven documentary. It is not just a windsurfing story, it is a human story.

Windsurfing is the powerful metaphor but it is the example of passion and determination that the kids so powerfully provide that will be at the heart of the story. As is the norm with cause-related documentaries that strive for social impact through a story that inspires, it is made possible by donations from individuals who believe in the project and the message, and want to take an active role in bringing the story to the world.

Our project has been a ground-roots effort from the beginning. It was born out of conversations between Elvis Martinus, Daphne Schmon and Robert McCormick two years ago and was propelled into reality by the interest of mutual friend and windsurfing enthusiast Peter Robertson, one of feature films foremost celebrated steadicam operators (of Atonement and Quantum of Solace).

The thought of telling this extraordinary story through the lens of a world-renowned cinematographer was irresistible, and from there, through the tireless efforts of people both in Bonaire and New York who have graciously asked "how can we help" the dream is coming to fruition.

It is important to know that every donation counts, no matter the amount, and is meaningful to the realization of this story.

We need your support! We have just launched a Kickstarter page to raise funds for the start of post-production here in NY as well as to film at the PWA competition in Sylt Germany this October 2010. What is Kickstarter? A new online fund raising tool which allows artists to offer rewards for donations to their project.

For donations to our film, we are offering signed DVD, movie poster, brand new windsurfing equipment, and much more! The catch is that we only have until October 15 to reach our goal of $20,000 or we won't raise any funds. We are counting on your support.

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