Torsten Mallon: speed monarch

The aim of the German Speed King is a fair and open challenge for any windsurfer who enjoys speed surfing and who is equipped with a GPS. Just choose your spot, go on the water, send your data to the event page and you're in.

This year more than 60 participants were involved in this event, that took place from 09/14/2009 to 08/22/2010.

Torsten Mallon achieved the highest speed within this period in Büsum on the North Sea and took the first place in the final ranking of the German Speed King 2010.

Torsten used his 6,3 North Sails Warp F2010, a Patrik Board Speed 43 and a Caspar Speed 27 fin. The maximum speed was 43,85 knots and the 5 x 10 sec. rating of 41,86 knots.

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