RS:X Class: welcome aboard

The RS:X Class is pleased to announce that it has joined the International Windsurfing Association.

The RS:X Youth Championships [U19] at World and Continental level will now be held together with the Techno 293 Class Championships when ever possible. Racing will take place in the following classes and divisions:

RS:X Youth Men -U19ISAF World and Continental Title
RS:X Youth Boy -U17 Class Prize Division
RS:X Youth Women - U19ISAF World and Continental Title
RS:X Youth Girl - U17 Class Prize Division
Techno 293 Boy -U17 ISAF World and Continental Title
Techno 293 Girl -U17 ISAF World and Continental Title
Techno 293 Boy -U15 ISAF World and Continental Title
Techno 293 Girl -U15 ISAF World and Continental Title
Techno Open - O17 Class Prize Division

IWA President, Ezio Ferin, commented: " Once again the circle is complete . We are pleased to accept the RSX class into the IWA , the windsurfing family of classes. Without the Olympic class under the umbrella of IWA we were incomplete... Welcome."

RS:X President, Mike Dempsey, commented: "The RSX Class is pleased to join the IWA and once again offer our 12 year old Techno Juniors clear sight of the pathway to senior competition, world travel, and for some, Olympic glory."

Our collective aim is to ensure that the logistics and costs faced by ISAF Member National Authorities wishing to develop youth and junior windsurf racing are reduced to a minimum.

This move will also maximize the MNA's opportunities to build up experienced development squads capable of making the transition to the Olympic Windsurfing Class.

Future championship venues will be jointly agreed between the Techno 293 Class and the RS:X with contracts signed between the IWA and the Local Organizer.

August 3, 2016, was a day that surfers should never forget. For the first time in its long history, surfing was confirmed in the Olympic Games.

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