Kona Windsurfing Worlds: the class is back in action | Photo: WindsurfingTour.com

The 5th Kona World Championships ended in spectacular fashion with blue skies and 20 knots of wind. It was a thrilling battle with the top 3 separated by only 3 points.

Adam Holm (SWE) closed the gap even further by winning the first race of the day, but he was closely followed by Juliano Scalabrin (BRA) in second, while Monique Valle (CAN) "only" finished 5th.

It was all up to the last race. Juliano kept his nerves and ended the championships like he started; with an impressive bullet. Adam cruised to a second, just ahead of Dominique, but enough to secure the silver medal.

The medalists were standing out in this Worlds - separated by only 5 points and 18 points clear of Carl Sjoberg (SWE) in 4th.

Final Results (Top 20):

1. Juliano Scalabrin BRA
2. Adam Holm SWE
3. Dominique Valle CAN
4. Carl Sjoberg SWE
5. Bjorn Holm SWE
6. Dennis Winstanley AUS
7. Stuart Gilbert AUS
8. Ulf Antonsson SWE
9. Helene Andreatta FRA
10. Joachim Larsson SWE
11. Britt Viehmen USA
12. Mark Zuteck USA
13. Hans Nystrom SWE
14. Rainer Frohboese GER
15. Steve Gottlieb USA
16. Erik Bertilsson SWE
17. Niklas Gotberg SWE
18. Greg Jones AUS
19. Ted Schweitzer USA
20. Jesper Schmidt DEN

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