OTC Winter Slalom Series: it must be cold out there

After a couple of ‘dry-runs’ earlier in the month due to a lack of wind, the OTC Winter Slalom Series struck it lucky on Saturday with steady easterly winds, allowing for six races to be held in quick succession.

Despite the irregular wind direction, the simple 4-buoy course allowed for a ‘slipway’ start and finish, adding to the atmosphere amongst the competitors and the crowds watching on.

Local favorite Kev Greenslade was undoubtedly the man to beat, so with some cunning handicaps delivered to the leaders after each race, it ensured everyone was put on a level playing field.

It seems we’ll have to extend his penalties though, as Kev still managed to pip his peers at the post. The next meet is on the 4th December at OTC UK. The results are as follows:

1. Kev Greenslade
2. John Kennedy
3. Simon White
4. Andy Chandler
5. Andy Bramah

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