Antoine Albeau: another title, another crown

Antoine Albeau has been named the Sailor of the Year 2010 by the French Sailing Federation (FFV).

The expert jury considered that the legendary windsurfer had an amazing year - he conquered national and international titles - and should be crowned for the first time.

Albeau has also won SurferToday's "Athletes of the Year 2010" in the windsurfing category.

The French bullet has clinched 17 world titles, two of them secured in 2010 (Slalom and Formula Windsurfing), and is one of the fastest racers in his sport. Antoine Albeau got his trophy at the "Night of Champions", and event held by the Paris Boat Show.

This is the second time that a windsurfer has been enshrined in the FFV, since the year 2001. The winners of the French Sailor of the Year award are:

2001: Michel Desjoyeaux (Vendée Globe 2000-2001)
2002: Olivier Backès et Laurent Voiron (Vice Champions Tornado)
2003: Xavier Rohart et Pascal Rambeau (Star World Champions)
2004: Faustine Merret (Olympic Champion in Windsurfing - Athens)
2005: Vincent Riou (Vendée Globe 2004-2005)
2006: Lionel Lemonchois (Route du Rhum)
2007: Michel Desjoyeaux (Solitaire du Figaro and Transat Jacques Vabre)
2008: Francis Joyon (Record around the world Solo)
2009: Michel Desjoyeaux (2nd Victory in the Vendée Globe).
2010: Antoine Albeau (Slalom and Formula Windsurfing World Champion)

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