Lancelin Ocean Classic: 25 years of epic windsurfing in Western Australia

Bjorn Dunkerbeck will be leading more than 400 windsurfers in the annual Lancelin Ocean Classic, to be held on 6th February.

All competitors will face an eight leg 26km race from Ledge Point to the Endeavour Tavern, in Australia. The contest will include wake sailing, marathon and slalom.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic is a windsurfing event born 25 years ago with a few enthusiastic windsurfers and a handful of competitors for a one-day event.

Nowadays, the competition lasts for four days and attracts thousands of spectators. Lancelin, located in Western Australia, has long been a destination for windsurfers worldwide and is one of the most popular wind spots.

The total prize money is of $25.000. The windsurfing marathon is about kick off. Who will take the famous crown?

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