Fanatic is proud to announce that the famous Club Nathalie Simon sports centres will be equipped with Fanatic windsurfing boards in 2008! This is indeed a perfect re-union, as the two brands were already successful partners more than 15 years ago!

Fanatic, one of the three leading board brands worldwide, has been growing yearly from strength to strength, with an extremely strong product line, especially in wave boards, which was the deciding factor for Club Nathalie Simon to make the change.

With a young and dynamic image and a complete, compact and perfectly developed product line, Fanatic offers the Sport Away clients every type of performance product, from the most radical to first step windsurfing experiences.

Windsurfing travellers will be able to test and enjoy the new boards starting this summer, as each centre is progressively equipped with Fanatic. The first centre is already equiped in Cabarete (Dominican Republic) and will soon be followed by Safaga and Ras Sudr, (Egypt), Lanzarote (Spain) and Bodrum (Turkey). Cabo Verde, and Margarita (Venezuela) will follow suit next season.

Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach:„We are very excited about this new co-operation, France is a very important and growing market for us. The well known Club Nathalie Simon organisation has some of the best centres and locations worldwide, so we are really excited about a great future together!

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