Boracay: the fleet is racing

World windsurfers are preparing for the 22nd NeilPryde Boracay International Funboard Cup, to be held between January 24-29 at Bulabog Beach, Philippines.

This is the longest running international sporting event for windsurfing and kiteboarding in Asia. In 2010, it was voted by "Top 52 Weekend Event Destination in the World".

Boracay attracts competitors from all around the world to compete for friendship, victory and honor. The pristine white sand, blue smooth waters and hammering Amihan winds of Bulabog Beach make it an ideal location for the event.

Originally the event consisted of only timed slalom races, however, nowadays it also includes speed trials, kiteboarding freestyle and kiting hang-time. The races are free for spectators to watch and are held in the international seaside community of Bulabog Beach.

The kitesurfing division is organized in cooperation with Cabrinha Kites. This is a true wind rider’s festival, with great racing during the day and huge parties in the evening. Since its creation, this has been and remains the true spirit.

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