Playa Encuentro: a perffect wind and wave spot

Playa Encuentro, one of the best wind and surf spots of the Dominican Republic, is threatened by the privatization of the country's beaches. Encuentro offers five consistent wave spots and is located in the Puerto Plata province.

"Coco Pipe" is a serious, powerful and hollow reef break which favors high tide and North or Northwest swell. This wave is almost always bigger than it looks from the beach, with a heavy vertical drop.

"Bobo's Point" is a series of consistent peaks with a hollow, but easy take off. It is powerful when overhead and best at low to mid tide on a Northeast swell.

"La Derecha", meaning "the right", is the North Coast's most consistent surf spot. Two peaks, outside and inside with two distinct take off zones, and a reef that breaks like a point combine to create a wave that breaks with any swell direction and any size.

"La Izquierda", meaning "the left", is a hollow barreling performance reef break. Two sections that usually connect make up this fairly long wave. It is also very consistent with something to ride almost every day, although the wave tends to close out at heights over 12 feet (4 meters).

"Destroyer" is a powerful, hollow and shallow left, over a sharp reef. This dangerous wave breaks best at 8 to 10 feet (3 meters).

If we loose unhindered public access, it will be a disaster for the entire area. Wave riding is the main reason people visit Cabarete and is one of the main marketing tools of the North Coast. Please, sign the online petition to defend Encuentro. Your help is much needed and deeply appreciated.

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