Irish Slalom Series: grey skies and windy surf

The 2011 Irish Slalom Series calendar of events has been unveiled. All windsurfers from Ireland are looking forward to start competition in Bantry, a town on the coast of County Cork.

The rules and the venues are decided. The Top 5 sailors from the 2010 Gold Fleet will be automatically selected for the 2011 Irish Windsurfing Team. The team will travel to the UK to take part in a British Slalom event. The team may also travel to international events in the future, subject to ongoing sponsorship and funding. The 2011 team will be funded from extra monies generated from the 2011 events.

There have been some changes to the contest format. The full calendar of the 2011 Irish Slalom Series is:

ISS1 Bantry - April 9th/10th
ISS2 Kerry - May 21st/22nd
ISS3 Newtown Ards - June 11th/12th
ISS4 Downings - July 23rd/24th
ISS5 Dublin - Sept TBC
ISS6 Kinvara - Oct 29th/30th/31st

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