2011 Downunder Pro: take off the t-shirt

The 2011 Downunder Pro has finally been visited by NE winds. In the third day of competition, four races were run. The first one began with a very light 8-12 knot breeze but, when Sean O’Brien was leading it, it was abandoned due to light winds.

Soon after, current event leader Wilhelm Schurmann dominated two consecutive windsurf races, ahead of Mathias Pinheiro, Brett Morris and Sean O'Brien. In the last race, with winds reaching 18-20 knots, a final speed race was held.

Morris started off very well. He took a cracking port end start to round the top mark 100m clear of Pinheiro and Schurmann, in second and third. Then, Morris extended his lead after the first lap with the two Brazilians and O'Brien taking different options on the final upwind to try and catch Morris, but to no avail.

In the end of the day, Brett Morris is two points clear of O'Brien - best Australian - while Brazilian bullet Wilhelm Schurmann still leads the event ahead of Pinheiro. Tomorrow, things will heat up.

The top places are separated by few points and the forecast shows strong winds. It's time for tough wind battles and there's an opportunity for the Australians to beat the Brazilians.

Nazaré probably is the most powerful beach break. The Portuguese big wave surfing spot is as exciting as it will test your limits - as a surfer and as a human being.

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