Mikey Clancy: the Irish wave freak

There you go, again. The Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2011 is ready to kick off in the Canary Islands, Spain. The best wave windsurfers in the world are already tuning their sails, masts and boards for another remarkable edition.

After two successful years, the organization has decided to adapt the concept of the event with the idea of further pushing the action. So, there are new rules for 2011.

Riders will still judge themselves, but will have to battle hard to win the FWC 2011 individual title. This time, to ensure sportsmanship and fairness there will be an independent head judge to oversee the event.

The challenge is out there in the North Shore of Fuerteventura, where wave and wind rarely disappear. Mikey Clancy, the Irish wavesailor, has fully recovered from his ankle injury and prepares to stomr the island of eternal Spring.

"Since the first Fuerte Wave Classic was on, I wanted to do it. The event organization looks really great along with the amazingly talented bunch of riders which will be on the Fuerte Wave Classic", says Clancy.

"I have no pain when windsurfing and have sailed in some big swells this winter with it so I am pretty confident about competing in Fuerteventura".

The windsurfing invitational contest will be competed between 8th-18th February.

International Riders:

Alex Mussolini
Alice Arutkin
Dario Ojeda
Daida Ruano
Eleazar Alonso
Fanny Aubet
Iballa Ruano
JB Caste
Jonas Ceballos
Jules Denel
Justin Denel
Mikey Cancy
Nayra ALonso
Steffi Wahl
Thomas Traversa
Tom Hartmann

Local Riders:

Nicole Boronat
Jaume Coll
Stefan Etienne
Shannon Bohny
WIll Ward

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