Oisín van Gelderen: living a fast life

Oisín van Gelderen has reached the fastest speed ever recorded by a sailing craft on Irish waters. The national speed champion had an incredible windsurfing day at the Dungarvan Speed strip, in Waterford.

van Gelderen hit peak speed of 46.32 knots, set a new Irish GPS 500m record (43.97 knots) and the GPS 5x10 second average (44.23 knots).

The Irish windsurfing bullet got an official Irish GPS Speed Record for a 10 second run (45.02 knots), verified by WGPSSRC. Oisín van Gelderen had already set his personal record in UK waters, by reaching a peak speed of 47.17knots on a speed course.

"It's no secret that I have been chasing that speed for a long time", says van Gelderen. "At 78kgs, I would be considered a lightweight in speed sailing terms, and looking at that list of top speed guys from the Netherlands, I'm keeping fine company. Have so say, not bad for a guy with 1 speed-board and 2 sails."

Watch Oisín van Gelderen breaking the speed record in Ireland.

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