Jan Hendrik de Bruin: local speed master

The best Central European speed windsurfers have kicked off the Funsport Makkum GPS Challenge Beach 2011, in Makkum Beach, Netherlands.

The windsurfing event will be contested until October 31st and is open to all participants, in the windy and sometimes rough region of Friesland.

The Dutch love windsurfing.So, Jan Hendrik de Bruin is putting up a special medium-term championship specially designed for speed windsurfing fans.

Riders start from the Makkum Beach and try their best records. The information captured by the GPS systems is then uploaded to the GPS Speedsurfing site within five days after the wind session.

The ranking will be updated by the highest average achieved record (5x10 seconds) with sessions before or after that date excluded from the final classification.

Men and women, young and veteran, all windsurfers are called to give their best speed windsurfing run. Makkum Beach is considered one of the best sailing spots in the Netherlands.

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